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Frequently Asked Questions

At Regency Dental of Stuart, we understand your concerns and are dedicated to making your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  Listed below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) by our patients.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, Regency Dental of Stuart is accepting new patients.

Do you have Nitrous?

Unfortunately, we no longer provide Nitrous Oxide sedation.

What are your hours?

Regency Dental of Stuart office hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:30am-5:00pm, and on Wednesdays between 8:30am-12:00pm.

Are you Spanish speaking?

Dr. Giol, of Regency Dental of Stuart, speaks fluent Spanish.

Do you do teeth whitening?

Regency Dental of Stuart offers at home bleaching for our patients.

Do you take my insurance?

That is always a good question, Regency Dental of Stuart is a provider for many insurance plans, however the best way to get the answer to this question is to call the office and provide them with insurance plan specifics.

Do you extract teeth?

Extractions are one of the many services that Regency Dental of Stuart provides for our patients. There are many different types of extractions, to get a definitive answer to your specific case, we need to evaluate it with a clinical exam and radiograph.

What is the cost of an exam and x-rays?

Costs for services depend on whether or not insurance is involved and who your provider is. It can vary from no cost to the patient, to partial patient responsibility, to full usual and customary fee. We are happy to provide a pretreatment estimate for any service performed.

Do you see children?

Yes, Regency Dental of Stuart sees children age 6 and older.

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