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Top photo shows congenitally missing lateral incisors held in place with a retainer.  Bottom photo shows restoration with implants and crowns.

What are implants?
Implants are bio compatible components placed in the jaw that can support a dental prosthetic, a single tooth crown, a multiple tooth bridge or a denture.
Can anyone get implants?
Each case needs to be evaluated for placement of implants, several factors need to be considered, such as amount of bone, quality of bone and patient health.
How long does it take before you have your teeth replaced?
The amount of time before you have teeth in place  varies from case to case. In some cases temporary teeth can be placed the same day. The average time in optimal cases is 12 weeks. 
Does insurance cover implants?
We are seeing insurance covering implants more, to know if your insurance company covers implants we predetermine each case.
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